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Bruce Sundstrom

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Bruce James Sundstrom

June 30, 1935 - March 21, 2012


Bruce passed away peacefully on March 21st, 2012 in Nakusp Minto House.
He is survived by his children, daughter Marilyn (Tarn), grandson Hart, son Nickolas, his twin sister Bernice, sister in law Illeen, nephews David Walker, Tom Sundstrom, Fred Sundstrom, Jerry Janzen, and niece Kathy Swanson.
The family wishes to thank the staff at Minto House for their compassion and care, and also a huge thank you to David Walker for all his help.


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From: Valley Funeral Home Ltd. Staff

Valley Funeral Home Ltd. Staff send our condolences to family and friends. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

From: Cindy-Lue Willaims
Relation: Family friend

I would really llike to give my condolences to Bernice, Marilyn, Nick and the rest of the family. It is a day to celebrate Bruce’s life, not mourn because he had a long, succelssful life and lived it the way he chose to and it was time for him to go onto greener pasters. On to the place where he can start harrassing my mother again. lol. With about 30 years of memories, it is hard to pick but I will try. One thing I would really like to point out is how Bruce treated us, (herta’s kids) as family and was always there to talk to us or lend a helping hand and never turned his back on us when we were in need. Whenever I was visiting my mother, it was a no brainer that Bruce was a daily ritual visit at 4 pm for a nip, another word for a drink. Mom would always say, come on sis, we have to go see the old brat or he will be phoning and saying…’where the hell are you two, it is 4 o’clock, aren’t you coming for a drink? One of the early memories I have of Bruce is when he still had the little old house and mom had just bought the house on 8th avenue. One night my sisters and I were cooking dinner for our boyfriends in Nakusp and mom’s stove broke down. She said, oh it is ok girls, just go to Bruce’s house and make and have dinner with the boys there, he won’t mind. Well, that is exactly what we did and I will never forget when Bruce walked in the door after driving truck all day. The look on his face…..his little kitchen cramped with 3 of herta’s daughtrers and their 3 dates sitting around his kitchen table eating spagetti and pots and pans every where. The look on his face was kind of WHAT THE HECK!!!! We were very happy when we realized he was just fine with it and saw that if anyone was to get hell, we knew it would be our mother, lol. Bruce sat down and ate with the 6 of us and we had a VERY enjoyable evening with him and our dates. After my mother passed, when I was in town, I tried to keep up the tradition and always went over and had a drink at 4 o’clock. As time passed on and Bruce was moving slower and slower, I would sit with him for hours and go thru recipes and let him pick one out that we would agree that I would cook for him the next day. Of course this was well after he could not do all the ASWESOME cooking and baking he always did for me because my cooking could never hold a candle to his. Everytime I went over there he always had some kind of new gadget to cook a different dish in, it was always a surprise. Of course time went by and I was not in town as much and the years were really catching up on him. The last two times I saw him just before he went into the Minto, were very special and I’m so glad he knew who I was and what was going on. He got to meet my fiance Bob and was happy to give me his approval. In June of 2011, I went to see him for fathers day and gave him a FATHER’S DAY card like I did every year. This time I just was not sure if he knew who I was and so I asked, Bruce, do you know who I am, he said, of course I do, you are Cindy-Lue, he smiled and so did I and gave him a big hug. The last time I saw him not long before he was moved into the Minto, I found him sitting in his bedroom in his undershorts. I came in and asked, what the heck are you doing. He said he was just bathed because of a little accident he had and Dave had stepped out for a bit and he was waiting for help so he could get dressed,. Well, I never thhought I would be there helping pick out his clothes and dress him but we had a lot of laughs while I did. He reminded me a lot of my mom when she was near the end, they are slow at moving and communicating but. MAN OH MAN, they sure knew what was gong on haha. By the time I had him all dressed, Dave came in as I was trying to walk him to his chair in the kitchen. Dave said, boy oh boy Bruce, if I had a cute chick like that to hold on to and follow, I wouldnt let go! Bruce, very slowly turned his head, raised his eyes up and in a low voice but with a smirk on his face said ” what do you think Im doing and then let out a little giggle.” I got him to his regular kitchen chair and sat and visited for about 10 more minutes. When I left I gave him a hug and said love you and he said, love you too. That is the short and sweet version of my 30 years of Bruce in my llfe….he was like a dad and I made sure he always knew it right through to the last visit. .He will always be watching over all of you and will always be in our hearts. Keep living and moving forward because that is what he would want you to do.

From: Melody Ross Manuel
Relation: Family friend / Herta's daughter

Another good one gone into his bliss. Mom will be exstatic to have him within her grasp, once again. Memories….oh my goodness, so many memories. As Cindy-Lue has mentioned…our families friendship with Bruce has been a long one. So many memories of mom and her daughters gathered at Bruce’s around his kitchen table, laughing like crazy over drinks and a meal. Sometimes it was coffee but usually it was a little stronger and colder than coffee. Usually a pre-party to an evening of partying for us sisters and always a given. Hilarious memories around that kitchen table. Memories of laughter and stories that I best not share. We had a blast! Bruce was our family! Bruce loved it when Herta’s daughters came to town. Always laughter and a hell of a lot of drama at times. Couldn’t stop in at Bruce’s without having a taste of something or a drink. Bruce loved his visits. So many memories. A heart of gold! If we weren’t at Bruce’s having a laugh and a drink, then Bruce was up at mom’s amongst the daughters, the grandchildren and all of the chaos that usually ensued. We never came into town without visiting at Bruce’s, even when him and mom were kind of on the outs. Mom loved that old fart..and he loved her. I am so very, very honoured to have been a part of Bruce’s life. Such cherished memories. My deepest condolences to Bruce’s family. Gone…never ever forgotten. Cherished memories. Thank you Bruce. It has been an absolute honour and a privledge. Much Love.

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April 21, 2012
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101 Nelson Avenue NW
Nakusp, BC Canada V0G1R0

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