Memorial markers tell the story of a life well lived. They are available in Black, India Red, Stanstead Grey and Blue Brits. Other shapes, sizes & granites available (Quote Upon Request).

Contact your director for complete details. Terms and Conditions of Sale: 75% Deposit Upon Design & Layout Approval. Balance Prior To Delivery/Installation.

When purchasing a memorial marker consider these most common questions:

  • Which cemetery is the marker to be installed at?
  • Is the marker for a burial or cremation plot?
  • Is the marker going on a single or double plot/is the marker for one or more people?
  • What is the preference, granite or bronze marker?
Upright Double - Black Granite | Valley Funeral Home

Upright Double - Black Granite

Upright Markers and Special Requests must comply with cemetery bylaws, please speak with your Director for complete details as the bylaws vary from cemetery to cemetery.

Flat Single - Bronze | Valley Funeral Home

Flat Single - Bronze

Flat Single - Grey | Valley Funeral Home

Flat Single - Grey

Flat Single - Black Granite | Valley Funeral Home

Flat Single - Black Granite

Flat Double - Black Granite | Valley Funeral Home

Flat Double - Black Granite

Flat markers are installed flush with the ground/grass. It may sit on a base. Many cemeteries insist that a marker be flush in the ground. This style meets that requirement.

Pillow Double - Black Granite | Valley Funeral Home

Pillow Double - Black Granite

Pillow markers stand above the level of the grave, are lower in profile and different in shape from the upright. They are higher in the back and slope to the front.

Upright Family - Blue Pearl | Valley Funeral Home

Upright Family - Blue Pearl

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